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News, Press releases and recent high profile sales

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Business Brokers News: IT Consultants acquired by Trade Player
... the team are experts at maximising client’s investment in their Enterprise Resource Planning systems. With combined decades of experience and knowledge this business has a proven track record of helping clients overcome obstacles, solve problems, and increase the effectiveness of their enter...   Read full article

Lloyds Corporate Brokers partners with Corporate Advisory Partners for Valuation Services
... are able to perform market evaluations of Business Assets and Goodwill for the purposes of: Benchmarking of business performance in terms of a Business Plan, or for Investment Portfolio Management Partnership dissolutions, disputes, buy-outs, assistance with resolving disputes betwee...   Read full article

Thu 20 Aug 2020

Business Brokers News: Importer and Distributor of branded Netting products to Private Investment Group
...as an excellent range of top-quality products across varied and non-related industries, mitigating risks of seasonality and potential industry changes. It carries premier brands and is known as a trusted supplier, with longstanding agreements with key international suppliers built up over decades of...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Private Equity still actively deploying Capital
...y pass, and they invariably generate lots of opportunities: Opportunities to Buy, Opportunities to Sell, Opportunities to Invest, Opportunities to Re-capitalize, Opportunities to Merge, etc. The problem is most of these opportunities get missed. It only becomes apparen...   Read full article

Press Release: Investment Opportunity - Gas powered Power Plant
...esting funding proposal. To do this, John drew on his extensive group of colleagues, including an expert engineer conversant with GE gas turbines, Lawyers in that nation for on the ground local knowledge, Lawyers and Accountants in Australia who have immigrated from that nation and his own knowledg...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Yoga Products Distribution Business Sold to US Private Equity Chicago
...xperiencing 413% growth in 5 years. Accompanying this trend is growing consumer demand for yoga apparel and equipment.          The yoga equipment and yoga apparel markets are expected to grow at significant CAGR in order to fulfill this demand. This Yoga company has been ...   Read full article

Sector: Traffic Management and Traffic Civil Contracting business sold to PE Group
... range of services. HMS Traffic is an established traffic management and control contractor servicing the construction, building and civil engineering industries throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. HMS Training: is fully licenced to provide accredited training for Workcover OH&S Indu...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Equestrian Wholesalers Sold to Private Investor
...t competitive broad-based equestrian importer/wholesaler in Australia. They specialise in value for money, high turnover, and quality goods for horse riding enthusiasts. Their vast range, which has been extended to include a range of canine requisites, allows them to be a ‘one-stop shop’...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Cannings sold to Private Investor
...p;   Operating for over 60 years this is a highly successful and profitable business with an established reputation for innovation and excellence.  Located in Melbourne’s fastest-growing corridor it is well-positioned to service both residential and professional clients. R...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Pink Lily Sands Sold to Private Investor
...liers of first-grade sand and gravel in central Queensland and well placed to service major infrastructure developments in the region and local businesses in and around Rockhampton. Operating for decades, the Quarry is situated on the east bank of the Fitzroy River, 9kms west of the CBD. It produces...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Family Office invests in the Drill Doctors
...t spares, service and innovation for blast hole drills.   Drill Doctors Australia has a loyal range of major customers such as BHP, Glencore, Yancoal and Rio Tinto in Australia and overseas.  Their product range has been designed to bring customers quality OEM products that are suita...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Large Format Digital Printing Company sold to Trade Player
...s temporary signage to the crème de la crème of the retail sector of the economy.  Major long-term accounts include Coca-Cola, Aldi, Puma, Mercedes Benz, Isuzu, Cleanaway, Woolworths, Tip Top and Volvo - the list is long and impressive.  Typical products inclu...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Print / Publishing / Automotive Advertising / OOH Media to Private Investors
...ers on the table.  An offer was accepted from a consortium of sophisticated investors, which supports the strategy of the current owners to continue to grow this niche business with further bolt on acquisitions. The sale was conducted by our NSW Director Karen Dado who, through using the...   Read full article

Business Challenges and Growth Opportunities
...“seeing the customer smile” was the no.1 priority to business owners. Happy customers are the cornerstone of a successful business. This highlights an area of opportunity for small businesses looking to compete with the large corporates on the basis of providing excellent customer servic...   Read full article

Measuring Business Success
...staff (49%), positive word of mouth PR (56%), and happy staff (45%). Surprisingly, only 11% of participants ranked large turnover as a measure of success. So if a successful business is not solely one that turns over high profits, what traits do business owners require in order for their business...   Read full article

Mon 5 Nov 2018

Small business and the Australian economy
...ative business people are found in this sector. They are nimble enough to be ahead of the curve, backed with skills and experience to understand how to grow new niche markets in traditional industries. This makes SME business owners an invaluable resource to Australia's economy and to Australia&rsq...   Read full article

Mon 15 Oct 2018

New register tracks Chinese foreign investment in Australia and shows where the money ends up
...   The details are revealed in the first comprehensive public database tracking the flow of Chinese foreign investment into Australia, which outlines who spent the money and what they spent it on. It shows that from 2014 to 2017, Chinese investment totalled more than $40.4 billion. Investmen...   Read full article

Tue 9 Oct 2018

Dying is not a business exit strategy
...ers look to wind down and enjoy their retirement over the coming years, the volume of businesses for sale is expected to rise substantially.  Keepin in mind that the financial assets owned by the baby boomers (including businesses) represents an enormous segment of overal...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Lloyds Achieves Quick and Cool Results for Satisfied Vendor
...d a well-established business with robust year-upon-year growth, highly respected brand name, and a loyal private and commercial customer base throughout South East Queensland. This was the Buyer’s second transaction with Lloyds in under 12 months. Representing a win-win for Buyer and Selle...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Pro Concrete sold to large Public Company
...based in Queensland covering from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.  The company focuses particularly on hiring concrete pumping equipment to major construction companies involved in commercial high-rise projects and infrastructure work. It supplies the service of Concrete Pumping to the c...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Niche Digital Jobs Platform sold to International Investors
...stralia and #3 worldwide. This niche business sold after an intense and highly successful marketing campaign that resulted in 60 qualified enquires and 7 offers on the table.  An offer from a Hong Kong based Family Office was eventually accepted.  The sale was conducted by Bu...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Business Broker News: Yarra Valley Cellar Door, Vineyard, Restaurant
...esque hillside setting at Dixon’s Creek in the Yarra Valley, just 60km from the heart of Melbourne,  5 of the approximately 8-hectare property is vineyard planted with premium grape varieties including Chardonnay, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir. Visitors are drawn ...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Hydraulic Engineering Consultancy acquired by a market leader in the SA Fire Protection industry.
...developments throughout Australia and overseas in retail, commercial, industrial, hospital and residential projects.The new Owners will continue to build on the strong brand created by the Vendors and Founders of the business and take advantage of current market opportunities and synergies between t...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Independent Glass wholesalers sold to Private Investors
...ness in 1987. As one of Australia’s oldest independent glass wholesalers in operation the company has become well known for its reliable supply of expansive range of glass products and its cost-effective production processes and distribution networks. Davis Glass imports float and laminated gl...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: No Horsing around in this Business Sale
...n Australian-owned company founded in 2006 that has quickly grown to become a horse owners first choice for horse wear and accessories. Caribu’s extensive range has been designed by Caribu to bring customers quality without compromise. The company specialize in online sales of their Caribu bra...   Read full article

Dying Is Not an Exit Strategy out of your Business
... succession plan. Lloyds Brokers have personally worked with the families of owners who have become disabled or passed away unexpectedly, and have seen the struggle and stresses that the family have to endure to ensure that their businesses do not liquidate for a fraction of their previous value. ...   Read full article

Tue 1 Aug 2017

...or the buyer and seller to gauge each other’s willingness to proceed. Below are four major considerations for anyone executing a Memorandum of Understanding:  MOU - aren’t mandatory If the parties are confident that they intend to do a deal, and are comfortable with the material ...   Read full article

Fri 2 Jun 2017

75% of Owners Are Ready for Their Exits, But Their Businesses Aren’t
...to exit today, if the price is right. Here’s the conundrum: While owners may be ready to exit their businesses, far fewer businesses are ready for their owners to exit. Only 26% of surveyed owners believed that they faced no obstacles to exiting their businesses successfully. However, my expe...   Read full article

Fri 31 Mar 2017

QUEENSLAND STAMP DUTY: an impost on Business Purchasers
...appealing offer into a disappointing result! A lot of people don’t realise when they set out to buy a business, just how much stamp duty might be payable. The amount will depend on the location of the business being acquired, where the clients are located and whether you buy the assets of th...   Read full article

Mon 12 Dec 2016

Business Brokers News: Another Tea-Riffic Result at Lloyds Business Brokers
...tions around Australia. Their teas are sourced from best practise farms across Asia, Africa, and even Australia, and contain minimum residue levels, no artificial flavours or preservatives, making them a stand-out amongst their competitors. The new Owners will continue to build on the strong brand...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Cleanawater sold to a high profile Industry competitor
...d the seller’s budget and expectations, the speed and outstanding sales results highlighting what can be achieved when buyer and seller are working to the same objective.  Cleanawater is a leader in sustainable water treatment technology. Based in Melbourne and established in 1996, the c...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Eire Building Services to large Corporate
...e peace of mind that Eire Building Services will provide an efficient and cost effective service.Eire Group Pty Ltd has a facade design division that can assist the Client with a fully engineered substrate, cost efficient panel layout and a first class finish within a budget.Core products are Alumin...   Read full article

Baby Boomers leave run too late for business sale: Eight succession tips if you’re one of them
... Federal Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson, launched the report, Succession Reset: Family Business Succession in the 21st Century. It comprises research conducted over four years and canvassing 2650 people across 56 countries.  The research found in 2020, the baby boomer generation (...   Read full article

Tue 30 Jun 2015

Increased Client services for China & Asia
...ian Businesses. My-Translator is a private company with its head office located in Brisbane Australia with a branch office in Donnguang China. In 2012 My-Translator combined with the Dongguang Translation Centre who have been leaders in the Chinese translation market in Southern China for over 20 ...   Read full article

Wed 27 May 2015

Australian Investment Visas for Chinese and other offshore Business Buyers
...vestors so far, the criteria has universal appeal and there are many other nationalities applying for the two investment visas that are currently available. In the past the Australian government had emphasised the promotion of the business skills visa where successful applicants are required to est...   Read full article

Fri 6 Mar 2015

Business Brokers News: Transport, Logistics, Express Freight sold to EU Investment Group
...where even to those remote regional towns. Their services also cover delivery to capital cities nationally, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. They pride themselves on their fast, efficient and friendly service.  Specialist freight services include: Airside Pic...   Read full article

Chinese Partners - Sell your business in China
... and matching. The Morning Whistle Group was founded through the concerted effort of several senior professionals in media, legal and investment banks, the Group explores the new-generation IT, the Internet mindset as well as new data when starting from their professional knowledge in finance. Info...   Read full article

Mon 23 Feb 2015

Business Brokers News: Coastal Energy sold to Private Investment Group
...Energy.  Coastal Energy specialises in supply and installation of electrical systems such as street lighting in new subdivisions throughout Queensland.  Coastal Energy performs work involving supply and installation of electrical reticulation to new subdivisions.  The Company is req...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Automation, Telementery, Scadia, Switchboards sold to Private Investment Group
...nd implementation of control systems including the hardware, software, communications networks and associated electrical works renowned for expertise in telemetry applications in the Water and Sewerage industry across NSW and Queensland.   Business Unit 2. Premium supplier of switchboards...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Online Kitchen Retailer Sold to Trade Buyer
...npan, Circulon, Joseph Joseph and Pyrex to national and international customers.  The company has built a strong online presence through online marketing, sampling, paid internet advertising and search engine optimization resulting in growing their database to 25,000 clients. However, there is...   Read full article

Sat 20 Sep 2014

SME Price Multiples
...of the many reasons optimism continues to grow within the business-for-sale market. In a recent BizBuySell survey, brokers expressed similar sentiment and expected the growth trend to continue throughout 2014. In fact, more than 70 percent of national business brokers believed more small-business d...   Read full article

Sun 27 Jul 2014

Business Brokers News: Wildfire Textbooks On-Line Business to Private Investor
...ness for this Client by LLOYDS, and the third Acquisition of an outstanding growth opportunity by this Investor through Lloyds. The Sale was conducted by our Founding Director, Rudy Weber as a result of personal connections arising from his 30 years as a respected Professional in the business....   Read full article

Lloyds announce new Client Portal Facility
...keting Activity by Time Line, Platforms, Processes, Buyer/Blast, Buyer Research, and Advertising Budget spend  ACCOUNT HISTORY Review correspondence and feedback from Inspectors, and their Advisors concerning your business by Email, Broker Notes, Question and Answer History  MY DOCUMENT...   Read full article

Tue 17 Jun 2014

10 Questions to ask yourself before you buy a Business
...s ownership. To run a business successfully, you need to be able to motivate yourself and others. While some people like to be in control of their routine and thrive on the challenges of running their own business, others prefer the comparatively structured and secure environment that paid employme...   Read full article

Tue 22 Apr 2014

Business Brokers News: Euroluce - to – Private Equity
...esses the emerging requirement to build and retrofit to new “green” and sustainable building standards and regulations. With operational offices in 3 Australian States with fully managed premises in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane the business and an online presence it covers 75% of the ...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: TASK Engineering sold to Trade Player
...raffic lights on public roads in NSW as well as reconstruction of existing traffic lights.  The Company also conducts traffic control works such as: Red light camera installations Speed camera installations Bus lane enforcement systems (BLES) Traffic counting/monitoring sta...   Read full article

Leading Mining Industry Manufacturing & Services Business sold to Major National Co.
...s to the Buyer an innovative range of products and services that complement the group's existing offerings, enabling them to strengthen even further their relationships with customers. The Sale was conducted by Lloyds Business Brokers Senior International M&A Specialist Kevin Sutherland, and pro...   Read full article

Whites Diesel to Private Equity Group
...ines for European truck and buses than any otherAustralian company. And with four branches and advanced logistic arrangements in place, they can deliver to any location in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea and throughout the Pacific region. The Sale of the business was conducte...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Fireworks Website sold to Private Investment Group
...ASP) Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design) User Interfaces Usability Testing and User Experience Testing Online Database Systems Integration with Third Party APIs / Systems Video Editing (Adobe Premier) Fireworks have a large client base Aus...   Read full article

Wed 6 Mar 2013

Graham Lusty Trailers sold to Private Equity Group
...  The additional carrying capacity has the benefit of less time on road, which provides significant savings in time and the all-important bottom line.  The angles in each of the internal compartments are specifically designed to allow for even weight distribution and maximum load.&nb...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: The Brass Ring Designer Homewares Importer sold to Ladelle Pty Ltd
...ilers in Australia and New Zealand. These finely crafted products are manufactured and sourced from the United States, Europe, and China. The Company has revenues of $3,500,000. Ladelle has been creating and designing quality homewares products for nearly 30 years.  Today, Ladelle is the marke...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Leading On-line Kitchenwares Retailer sold to Private Investment Group
... of the business was conducted by our Founding Director Mr. Rudy Weber using Lloyds Tender Process in conjunction with the application of Lloyds Target Marketing produced some spirited offers which resulted in a highly successful Sale. Click on the left navigation links to read more news and p...   Read full article

Byron Bay Transport sold to Regional Transport Group
..., Restaurants and Retail outlets. Byron Bay Transport has been established in Northern NSW for over 38 years and has market penetration based on quick response, customer service and rapid turnaround. The sale of the business was conducted by our Managing Director Mr. Garry Stephensen using Ll...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Pacific Solutions sold to Private Investment Group
...and developed web software manages client base providing scale opportunities (software forms part of the sale). The company can be run from any location via the web. The company has grown every year since inception and the transcription market has many years of growth remaining as private and gove...   Read full article

Labour Hire Business sold to Frontline Human Resources
...d resumes on 6,000+ culled Candidates, stored in both soft and hard copies. Many of these have worked regularly for some time, and as such, have accumulated valuable work history. PALS are able to resource candidates to suit Clients� needs � locally Nation-wide, having for years provided ongoin...   Read full article

Tallow Tanker Fleet business sold to Bulk Transport Group
...livered to storage tanks for processing in Australia and shipped on bulk carriers to international markets. Sanbella Holdings are the link between the manufacturer and the traders and processors of this product as the product is time sensitive having a reliable and efficient on time transport partn...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Outstanding Sale to Lego in Denmark
...sful bidder was located using Lloyds’ "International Target Marketing”.  About Megatoy Megatoy Play Systems Pty Ltd is one of Australia's foremost providers of children’s outdoor play equipment. Their products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, made of sup...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Wilmott Freeze Haul sold to Private Investor
...n market of providing a scheduled frozen goods transport service to Perth in Western Australia from Brisbane in Queensland and return. The company has specialised in frozen freight and is operating on a scheduled weekly dispatch and receivable basis by having two road trains leaving for the west (We...   Read full article

News, Press releases and recent high profile sales
......   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Trade Bodies Australia sold
... products with the level of service customers expect. Manufacturing facilities are set up to do everything in house, from design, plate pressing and rolling, painting and fit-out, thru to the wiring up of the vehicle bodies.  This allows greater control over Quality Assurance and turnaround ti...   Read full article

Business valuation rules of thumb
...b is used to value a business, some type of earnings multiplier makes the most sense to prospective buyers. It directly addresses the buyer's motive to make money to achieve a return on investment. Sales multiples mean nothing unless they can be translated into earnings. Two areas of confusion are ...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Wet Wipes Manufacturing business sold to Private Investment Group
...jor international companies, with exclusive manufacturing agreements in place. They are the largest manufacturer of Wet Wipes in Australasia. Delta-pak manufactures products under long term contracts to several major international companies and is a major supplier of Private Label (Retailer Brands)...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Sale of Hill's Fencing
...atest cordless equipment. The basic business philosophy of the company is to provide a prompt, quality and cost effective service to clients, who are kept fully informed of the progress of their work. If there client has an industrial solution or liability situation that requires a challenging solut...   Read full article

Archive - News, Press releases and recent high profile sales
... The Great Recovery - Sharemarket trends State & Territory economic rankings Consumers celebrate an economy on the mend Home prices soar to record highs in August Comprehensive economic update from St George RBA Board minutes; Reserve Bank patiently sits on the sidelines report Specialists Sign ...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Lloyds Rated in QLDs Top 400
...nsight into what makes Queensland such a great place to do business.   What is the Queensland 400? The Queensland 400 is a central part of Queensland Business Review's purpose to inform and connect the State's business leaders. Described as one of the key business events of the year, it is ...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Business Brokers News: Environmental Water Recycling business sold to Large Water Group
...nt. The sale of the business was conducted by our NSW Senior Associate using Lloyds Tender Process in conjunction with the application of Lloyds Target Marketing produced some spirited offers which resulted in a highly successful Trade Sale. Click on the left navigation links to read more news and...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Industrial Shredding business sold to Newcastle Engineering Group
...and motor sizes to suit numerous applications. They supply businesses Australia wide and internationaly. Waste Initiatives boasts over four decades of expertise in supplying reliable, high quality waste management equipment.  These shedders represent the latest in shredding technologies a...   Read full article

Business Debt Management
...things are already seemingly beyond repair. You may have tried to manage debt by yourself, but especially if it is business debt one is talking about, that is not easy to manage all. Managing your personal debt, like credit card debt is possible, because there are not astronomical amounts involved....   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

The 5 biggest mistakes made when getting a business appraised
...ss owners often assume that all CPAs are competent in business valuation. In fact, many CPAs have very little or no business valuation experience or training. Don't expect your CPA firm to tell you if they are not proficient in this area. Firms are often reluctant to; turn down additional revenue, a...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Lloyds impressive record of business sales
... to calculate returns in this way to facilitate direct comparisons, by eliminating all expenditure of a discretionary nature, or arising from the proprietorship of the business. # Av % Return 29.02% = Multiple 3.445 X EBITDA   View list of businesses sold by Lloyds Brokers    ...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Business Brokers News: Specialists Sign Manufacturer sold to Private Group
...use; they have the experience (33 years) and facilities to manufacture any type of sign, from the largest pylon structure to the smallest sticker or engraved plaque. From structural or graphic design, fabrication, signage and installation, Expressway Signs have the ability to solve their client's ne...   Read full article

Letter of Finance Approval on Contracts
...some common pitfalls to look out for regarding letters of finance approval.   What Really Matters? Most banks will provide their standard letter which simply states that your finance is approved. You as the buyer must ensure two things: firstly that the finance approved is uncondi...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Selling Businesses With Seller Financing
...the loan is approved - assuming everything is in order - you have the money you need to proceed.  Whether you are buying an existing business, starting one from scratch, or purchasing a franchise, the path to ownership almost always runs through some sort of financial institution, whether ...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Business Brokers News: Medical Waste Disposal Business Sold
...m Hospitals and Aged Care facilities, resulting in major savings in water, power, and labour and cuts the risks of cross infection. The sale of the business was conducted by our Managing Director Mr. Garry Stephensen using Lloyds Tender Process in conjunction with the application of Lloyds Target M...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Sale of The Book House
...inly in Queensland and NSW. The Group also has a retail outlet and ABC store in the main Noosa shopping centre and an online product selection and ordering system. Reading a book can be a deeply personal experience. Once a reader has reached the final page of a book, their perspective may be change...   Read full article

Media Design Agency business sold to Private Investment Group
...customer service that few agencies can match, that is why they attract and retain so many of Australia’s Leading Brands. Located in the creative hub of South Melbourne, their team of over 30 industry specialists is passionate about design and achieving the best possible outcomes for their cli...   Read full article

Business Brokers News: Distribution Business Sold
...al Accounts throughout Australia. Over the years of operation AWRA has developed strong links with Manufacturers in Korea, China, Taiwan, Europe and America in order to constantly improve its product portfolio. Links with manufacturers and suppliers allow AWRA to be at the forefront of industry led...   Read full article

Top 10 Business Valuation Mistakes
... valuation mistakes. Mistake #1 – Unqualified Appraiser The most common problem with business valuation reports is that they have been prepared by someone who is unqualified. There is little, if any, regulation of the business valuation industry and it is often difficult to find firms that o...   Read full article

Sun 10 Jun 2012

Tech Improvements To Increase Your Value
...oing things and staff culture all impact your business' perceived value. During this evaluation stage, what may seem like minor technology concerns can turn out to significantly impact the valuation of your company.  Mole hills can become mountains. Looking back, many sellers regret th...   Read full article

Mon 18 Dec 2000

... other relevant experience will be considered, especially those with a strong finance/accounting background. Confidential enquiries should be directed to Garry Stephensen (Managing Director) at info@lloydsbrokers.com.au Brisbane: There is currently no positions available in Brisbane Sydney: The...   Read full article

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