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Lloyds Brokers has been in Business Sales and Corporate Advisory business for over 38 years, and we have seen many times of financial turmoil (1992 Recession, 1998 Asian Financial Crisis, 2002 Dot-com Bubble, 2007 Global Financial Crisis, 2015 Mining downturn) come and go.


Experience and Opportunity

What we have learned from these times is this turmoil will eventually pass, and they invariably generate lots of opportunities:

  • Opportunities to Buy,

  • Opportunities to Sell,

  • Opportunities to Invest,

  • Opportunities to Re-capitalize,

  • Opportunities to Merge, etc.

The problem is most of these opportunities get missed.

It only becomes apparent they were opportunities after it is too late.

OUR EXPERIENCE ALSO TELLS US THAT amid the turmoil, people tend to become paralyzed, and are afraid to explore the possibilities. 

Good News/Bad News

While there is a constant stream of bad news in the market right now, the fact remains that Private Equity Groups, High Wealth individuals and Home Offices remain in business are cashed up and ready to acquire. Additionally, many companies have accumulated large amounts of cash over the past several years and they are open to acquiring good businesses that are synergistic with their current Business operations.

Equity Investments

Many of these Private Equity groups and financially strong companies have reached out to us recently to let us know they are seeking good opportunities, where they can make a significant investment should an owner desire a financial Equity partner.

Going forward, we anticipate that these buyers/investors will have more choices, including distressed sales, so it may be timely to go to the market now rather than later.  

Lloyds Brokers can help you position your Business for Sale, develop an Action Plan for trading through these challenging times, and most importantly identify the right strategic or financial investor/buyer for your business.  

 Please feel free to talk to us. We would be happy to explore the possibilities with you.


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