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What To Expect When Selling

What to expect when divesting your Business

You will be asked first sign a Sellers Non Disclosure Agreement, to supply some basic information eg. the last 3 years Trading figures and Balance Sheet, to enable us review and to assign a Broker.

The Broker will do a market appraisal of the business either by Zoom, Teams or an inspection of the business, we would agree on a marketable price.  

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Using this knowledge we plan the appropriate Marketing strategy. 

We will then be in a position to put forward a Marketing Propsal document setting out the Costs, the Budget and the Success Fee and you can then decide if we are the right people for the sale of your Business.

Then compile a Business Information Memorandium to present the business in the best possible light, as the appointed Brokers.

We determine the most likely source of buyers for your business - our own extensive database of prospective buyers, the internet, direct approaches to selective industry lists, local, national or overseas websites, offshore specialist M&A platforms which might reach them.

After handling all enquiries from the various sources, the prospective buyers must be qualified. We eliminate time-wasters, hopefuls with no money, and inquisitive competitors. Interest is shown by a genuine buyer and an initial inspection or phone conference is arranged.

If you have any information you consider sensitive you should advise us and we will tailor our response to those those concerns. 
When an offer is received in writing in the form of "letter of Offer", a deposit is then sought. We are available to both draft Letter of Intent and act as stakeholder during the sale process.

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Why are you selling your business?

The day you sell your business can be the most rewarding day of your business career. It may provide you with the exit strategy for embarking upon new business opportunities or to facilitate a well-deserved break from the pressures of business.

Owners sell businesses for many different reasons:

  • Divestment of a non-core business activity

  • Injection of capital is required to advance the business

  • Retirement Planning

  • Health or Personal reasons

  • Family succession planning

  • The company outgrows the capabilities of the owner

The reasons for selling a business are as varied as business owners. Whatever the reason may be, Lloyd's can provide you with the services you require when you are selling a business.

Many owners have worked hard their entire lives to build up a success business, but have started to think about the next stage of their life. One question an owner doesn't want to nag them after selling is the question "Did I get the best deal possible?"  Part and parcel of selling a business is navigating the emotional aspects of selling a business.

Lloyds will achieve the best price for the sale of your business. Read more about we maximise the best sale price for your business.

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Business Valuations & Benchmarking

Lloyds can also provide business valuations and benchmarking services as a stepping stone towards selling your business. Business Valuations are a complex assessment involving professional expertise and experienced industry judgement. All businesses are unique and face different competitive pressures. The value of any company or asset is intrinsically linked to the future income it will generate. Of course, future income streams, economies and market conditions are often uncertain.

Valuation requires an in-depth understanding of the asset being valued, the company that owns it, the market in which it operates, and its competitive weaknesses and strengths. Business valuations require careful analysis of financial and non-financial information factors, such as legal and regulatory environments.

For an obligation free consultation about Valuing your business, contact Lloyds Brokers here.


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