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Lloyds Corporate Buyside Mandate Services

Lloyds Corporate Buyside Services is based on the premise that we can serve only one master - either the buyer or the seller, never both.

In most instances, we would act for the seller, and naturally, our fee structure is worked to maximise the return to our client, the seller, who pays our commission. However, in recent times, more and more buyers are realising that they can turn the tables in their own favour, by engaging the Lloyds as a Buyside Advocate. True, this means the buyer pays the commission, but sellers normally factor this into their price, and in any case, an experienced Broker can more than justify his charges in terms of benefit to his Client.

Our role as a Buyside Broker depends upon the nature of the assignment

  1. Your Company have a particular business in mind, which you know is for sale, and you wish to negotiate at arms length, with or without expert assistance in valuing the business, and with or without your identity being revealed.

  2. Your Company have a particular business in mind, and would like a Buyside Broker to find if the owners would be willing to sell. You may, or may not require further assistance with the acquisition.

  3. Your Company have an industry in mind, and would like a Buyside Broker to find a suitable business within that industry.

  4. Your organisation have a set of parameters in mind, and would like assistance in finding a suitable business.

  5. Your Company have no idea what you want, and need guidance.


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What can Lloyds Corporate do as your Buying Broker?

  • If you have a potential target acquisiton in mind, Lloyds can approach confidentially, on your behalf. Your identity is not revealed.

  • Lloyds can search out businesses not necessarily on the market, that suit your requirements.

  • When retained by you as a Buy-side Broker, our Legal Duty of Care is to you, rather than to the Vendor.

  • We can negotiate price, terms, and conditions of sale on your behalf, rather than the Vendor's.

  • A going concern can be a much more secure investment than starting up a new venture

  • As Corporate Brokers, we can act only on behalf of one Principal in a transaction, EITHER the Buyer, OR the Seller, NEVER both.

How much will it cost?

We charge a success fee based on the total acquistion cost. Whatever your requirement, we can negotiate a suitable fee structure which is commercially viable for you, and motivates us to produce the best outcome for you. We can give you some indication once we have a clear understanding of the task required of us.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For further information on buying a business read Information on buying a business and How to buy a business.


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