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"We focus on a small number of high quality businesses, meaning that your business receives the attention that it deserves."

Lloyds Business Brokers has pioneered far more effective model of Business Brokerage. Rather than fill a Website pages with 100's of listings - hoping some might sell (the traditional ineffective model), Lloyds concentrate on handling a limited number of selected assignments and focusing on each until sold.

Each broker is allocated a small number of assignments (up to 6) so he can fully familiarise himself with each one to the point where he can present the business in the best possible way. Typically he will not take new assignments until one has been sold.

The result for you is that your business will be handled with the care and attention that is required to secure you the best possible price.

Business Broker - Garry Stephensen

Managing Director
Business Broker - Rudolf (Rudy) J Weber

Foundation Director
Business Broker - Kevin L. Sutherland

Director International Business Sales
Business Broker - Karen Dado

Director NSW
Business Broker - Edward Alder

Director Victoria
Business Broker - Dianne Reynolds

Research Director and Business Broker

Confidentiality guaranteed

Lloyds Consultants are qualified Professional Business Brokers with a wealth of business experience. We guide business owners step by step through the process of selling or buying a business. Typically, each consultant will only undertake a relatively small number of select assignments at any one time, ensuring a very high success rate for Lloyds clients.

Recent successes include the sale of:

  • Transport Logistics business in NSW, QLD, VIC sold to EU Private Equity
  • Concrete pumping business sold to Boral
  • Mining Services business in Newcastle
  • A home wares importing business in Sydney and Melbourne
  • HVAC business sold to Private Equity
  • Online Retail business Public Company.

One recent interesting sale involved a business in Sydney which imports surface coatings from Canada, owned by a New Zealander, and purchased by a South African resident living in Hong Kong.

Two other major recent success stories involve the re-sale of businesses first sold by Lloyds a decade ago. A security business that was sold by Lloyds 10 years ago for $150,000 was re-sold for $11m, and a scaffold business first sold by Lloyds 8 years ago for $1.5m was re-sold for $15m.

Current sales under negotiation include a Hydroponic Nutrient Fertiliser in SA, Digital Signage business in NSW and Victoria, Specialists Finance Business, and an Mining Services Business in NSW.

Celebtraing 35 years in the industry

Buyers have come from as far a field as UK, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Russia. Many of these people have come under the Australian Government Business Migration scheme, bringing a high level of wealth into the country.

Interestingly, there has been an emerging trend of 'hits' on the Lloyds website originating from mainland China, outnumbering the next largest origin of offshore 'hits' by almost 2 to 1.

For example, last month, the Lloyds website recorded 5,225 “hits” from China, Vs. 3,322 from USA, 989 from UK, 756 from Hong Kong, 784 from EEC, 440 from NZ, and 318 from S. Africa. Who would have predicted this development a few years ago? Certainly it highlights the need for a significant review of business marketing strategies in the future.

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