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Digital Marketing Audit

One of our various corporate services on offer is for our digital specialist to undertake an extensive audit of your company's website and digital marketing.  In the digital age, your website and digital marketing plays a significant role in any business. It will be an important factor that potential investors/buyers look at during the due diligence phase before deciding whether to invest in your business.


There are 3 key benefits of getting this website audit completed :

  1. It highlights key areas for improvement, so that you can make the necessary adjustments prior to inspection from a buyer.

  2. The audit is a third party analysis of your digital marketing. As such, the audit can be an important document that forms part of the package of due diligence documents for prospective buyers to inspect. If the audit is largely favourable to your digital marketing, this can bode in your favour.

  3. The audit will often highlight areas for additional exposure to audiences and sales opportunities. You may wish to implement a strategy to take advantage of those opportunities prior to due diligence from buyers.  The end result of this is that you can report to potential buyers that you are experiencing growth in these new areas, or that you soon plan to launch into these new areas after having identified them as opportunities for growth.  Either way, this will be an additional selling point to buyers.

Lloyds Digital Marketing Audit


Our digital audits report on various metrics, including:

  • Visitor and traffic analysis

  • Usability testing across different devices

  • Technical errors

  • Social Media integration and adoption

  • Page loading & hosting speed

  • Backlink analysis (for SEO)

  • Heading, keyword & Image analysis

  • Design and layout recommendations

  • Digital security


pdf icon Download an example audit

Would you like to see an audit that our digital specialist has completed for a real client previously? 

pdf icon Click here to download it.  Some information has been redacted for privacy reasons.



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