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Lloyds Business Brokers Team

Garry Stephensen, Managing DirectorBSP_CCIQ_Garry_03.jpg

Garry Stephensen, Managing Director, Licensee at Lloyds is a fully qualified hands-on registered business intermediary with a wealth of experience to help his clients maximize the value of their business. He started his business life at the age of twenty-four purchasing his first, of several Newsagencies and then graduating to much larger business enterprises in the wholesale, building, construction industries and property development.

In the early 90’s Garry accepted a left field opportunity to broaden his experience and became involved in the Business Brokerage Industry, since then he had extraordinary success negotiating the acquisition and mergers of major businesses to Blue Chip Public and Private National Companies, Equity Groups and high net wealth individuals.

He has strong business interest and experience in the private sale, acquisition and divestment of mid-market businesses in the resources, mining, contracting, import, wholesale and distribution sectors.

Business assignments have been successfully carried out in Australia from the major capital and provincial cities to the business and mining support infrastructure areas in Queensland’s Bowen Basin, Mt Isa’s North West and Western Australia’s Kalgoorlie mineral rich provinces.

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Rudolf (Rudy) J Weber - Foundation Director

Commencing his career by winning a scholarship from The Reserve Bank of Australia whilst studying Accountancy and Economics at Sydney University, he gained valuable experience in their Investment Department, which had sole responsibility for overseeing Australia's Monetary Policy, through Interest Rate, and Treasury Bill regulation, and Money Market and Trading Bank Control.Rudy Weber is an accountant, a licensed BSP_Lloyds_02.jpgbusiness broker and valuer, and an experienced "hands-on" business intermediary. He is the founding Director of Lloyds Business Brokers specialising in mid-market mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Having an investment banking, stock broking and manufacturing background as well as owning and managing a number of Companies in insurance and business broking, Rudy is uniquely placed to advise both corporate and private buyers/sellers in the achievement of their business goals.

Rudy then joined a leading Stock Brokerage firstly as a trader then, Investment Advisor. To complete his mercantile experience base, Rudy accepted a senior accounting role in a large manufacturing Group where, following extensive analysis, he designed and successfully implemented a leading edge electronic accounting and management system.

Branching out on his own, Rudy formed an Insurance Brokerage Group, which, under his leadership became one of the largest independent Australian-owned brokerages, prior to being sold.

Since 1984, Rudy has been a leading Business Intermediary, specialising in private mid-market acquisitions and divestments. He has successfully negotiated on behalf of both private and corporate buyers and sellers of significant businesses in most States of Australia and Internationally.

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Kevin L. Sutherland – Director International Business Sales

"My goal in any dealing is to create a win-win situation for all parties involved, quickly and efficiently."


After completing his enlistment in the US Navy, Mr. Sutherland earned a Bachelor's degree in economics then a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). He then founded and built a turnaround management consulting firm which eventually grew to four offices in three states. He was appointed to run numerous companies by various boards of directors, banks, and financial institutions. Through 1997 Mr. Sutherland managed or advised over 40 different distributors, manufacturers, and service companies with revenues from $2 million to $185 million. With his own capital he acquired and sold four separate national companies. He has firsthand experience in merging companies as well forming joint ventures and strategic alliances. Through a private equity fund he founded in 1997 and again through a second private equity firm which he co-founded in 2006 he has provided capital in the form of equity and debt to a number of additional companies.

In 2004 Mr. Sutherland personally acquired a mergers & acquisition firm which then became an investment bank representing middle market companies with revenues from $5 million to $200 million. The firm has represented over 1,750 businesses and maintains an in-house proprietary database of over 6,600 private equity groups plus several thousand banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, public & private pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, master funds, university endowment funds, sovereign wealth funds, other financial asset management firms, and wealthy private investors. The firm has expanded and developed an online private exchange for large privately held companies seeking equity liquidity or debt recapitalization and also subscription based solutions for microenterprises anywhere in the world seeking a liquidity event.

Mr. Sutherland has been published and featured in a number of periodicals and has been a guest speaker for a number of trade and industry organizations.

His direct contact is 1300 366 943 or


Chris Butchers - Director Victoria - M & A Specialist 

Based in Melbourne with worldwide operational, financial and business development experience, Chris holds a Master’s BSP_Lloyds_Dec2017_01.jpgDegree in Business Administration (MBA) and a NZ Certificate in Electrical Engineering.

After a corporate career with Hewlett Packard in the early 1980’s, Chris spent four years following his aviation passion as a helicopter pilot.In 1990 he joined Telecom New Zealand (TCNZ) during the time of the company’s divestment by the NZ Government and subsequent listing. 

Chris led TCNZ’s strategic planning team, the introduction of shareholder value management and the early entry into the Internet Service Provider market. In 1996, Chris was hired by the New York financial consultancy Stern Stewart & Co where he worked on financial restructuring for major American and European corporates including Siemens, Cox Communications, Millennium Chemicals, Embratel (Brazil) and LaFarge. In 2000 Chris, joined London based Investment banking and advisory firm ARC Associates where he worked on ICT and digital M&A transactions. Chris then led the formation and fundraising for a broadband Telecom startup company. Chris also established an aircraft distributorship for a New Zealand manufacturer.

Since 2005, Chris has run his own consultancy practice, specialising in business development and strategy. Key sectors include aviation, technology, digital and mining services.

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John Wayland - Senior Associate Corporate Advisory

Based in Sydney with extensive Operational, Financial and Business Corporate Advisory experience across a host of Industries both in Australia and Internationally.

As Chairman of a Property Development Company, he initiated the redevelopment of 70 Phillip Street for the PM&C, is an experienced CEO of Retirement Villages, Chairman of a International Publishing Company, Chairman of an Australian listed CCTV Security business and a trader in "Green Energy Savings Certificates ", Corporate Adviser to family businesses in Australia and overseas traveling to Fiji for over ten years. In New Guinea he was a partner of a Chartered Accounting company and a branch of his family firm in Pitt Street for over 12 years.   


Over the past 12 years was Business Development Manager for a manufacturing company based in Newcastle, with distributors around Australia, Europe, India, China, and North America. John is active in research and marketing hydrogen kits to reduce emissions from diesel engines and has conducted wind tunnel testing for aerofoils on prime movers to reduce drag. 

John is passionate about helping family businesses plan for succession. Planning and choosing a successor for a family business can be fraught with challenges and it can be unsettling. Especially in family businesses, succession planning can involve a lot of emotional turmoil. It is often helpful to turn to an outside, impartial Advisor for help with navigating the process. Having a sound succession plan in place can help take some of the emotion out of the planning and help ease the transition for both the business owner and his or her successors.

Succession planning is only one piece of comprehensive business transition planning. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for successful transitions.

Depending on your business, it could take one to three years to comfortably organize and implement an effective succession plan and there are a number of financial decisions that will need to be made (e.g., whether to gift or sell shares to heirs and how to keep the taxes to a minimum).

Inevitably, there is a lot of family wealth to protect inside a business. Owners have choices in what type of ownership transition strategy and succession plan will be most beneficial for them, their family members, and their business.

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Denise Bradford - Associate Director - China 

Denise Bradford’s role is to introduce and facilitate successful business transactions between clients from the Asian Market and businesses listed by Lloyds Business Brokers or have signed Buyside Mandates.

She has an in depth knowledge of Asian culture, speaks fluent English, Mandarin, French and has a degree in Chinese
Studies from the University of Queensland. She also has a wealth of business knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries including medical, education, defence, light industries and building and construction, along with a deep understanding of international markets.

Denise, who has been living and working in China very successfully since 1992, is currently based in Ningbo, China. During her time in Asia she has witnessed first-hand the major shift in business relationships between Australia and Asian markets and the opportunities that have followed.

Her expertise and market knowledge means she is well poised to take advantage of this change and has the skills and abilities to ensure a successful cross-cultural business transaction.

Her personal passion is to create successful business relationships and pursue independent studies in entrepreneurial models for a sustainable future.  To this purpose she works with lecturers and students from the School of Business at Nottingham University, Ningbo Campus China to promote young entrepreneurialism.

Some of Denise’s many achievements include the founding of the Australian International School that went on to become one of China’s first International Baccalaureate schools, MD of an Import Export business in Global Engineering Products, Nurse Educator of School of Health and Hygiene Nursing; and Director Research and Training cosmetics Beijing.

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Dianne Reynolds Research Director and Business Broker 

Dianne commenced with Lloyds in 2013. She has a degree in Communications from Griffith University and BSP_Lloyds_Dec2017_03.jpghas extensive professional experience in the private and public sectors.  

In private enterprise she worked for a marketing firm specialising in increasing customers and sales of small to medium enterprises.  She was also employed in the financial sector for one of the big four banks as a training coordinator for their third party banking division. 

In the public sector Dianne was the assistant to the Secretary of a lead government agency in Canberra and a project manager in policy development and implementation for the Queensland State Government. 

In 2013 Dianne completed a Masters of Environmental Management from the University of NSW. Her studies not only left her a little enlightened but also helped her hone her research skills, which she has been applying enthusiastically since joining the Lloyds Business Brokerage team.   

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