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Should I be sitting in First Class?

The day you sell your business can be the most rewarding of your business career. It may provide you with the opportunity to do something refreshingly different, or simply offer you a well deserved break from the pressures of business.

One question you don't want to nag you is... Did I get the best deal possible?

You may know your own business like the 'back of your hand', but what experience do you have in selling it? That requires a special level of expertise, especially if you want offer it for sale in a way that will maximise its value.

Put yourself in the potential buyer's shoes for a moment to see their perspective. It has to be presented as a "Win" proposition for them to pay you what your business is really worth.

And, once you find a genuine Prospect, you don't want to 'burn' them by failing the Due Diligence tests. Everything has to be prepared for this eventuality to ensure a stress free handover of your business. That's where Lloyds Business Brokers come in. Just like you dress up for your first date, and you renovate your house before listing it for sale, you also need to prepare your business before listing it for sale.

Lloyds offer a complete pre-sale "make-over" service covering aspects of financial, legal, marketing, and the promotional campaign to gather in the best potential buyers.

The objective being that once at least two prospects become interested, they are presented with a portfolio with everything they need to know to properly assess your business. This portfolio is seen to reduce the buyer's risk, and speed up their evaluation process.

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