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Business Debt Management

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Business Debt Management

Business and financial success should go together, however that is a hard task to achieve many times. Keeping track and keeping everything under control with your business is not easy at all. Depending on how many loans you need to take out in order for your business to flourish, you may face difficulties in paying these back. debt management is the solution for you if things are already seemingly beyond repair.

You may have tried to manage debt by yourself, but especially if it is business debt one is talking about, that is not easy to manage all. Managing your personal debt, like credit card debt is possible, because there are not astronomical amounts involved. But business loans usually have higher values, so you can easily get entangled into calculations and still not find the right way out.

Firstly, you need to recognize the alarm signal, the critical points when you need to turn to a specialized debt solutions' agency:

    • you cannot notice good profit for the last few months within your business 
    • you have to meet at least 3 or 4 deadlines for the outstanding debts, and you cannot manage these at all 
    • you have started to receive letters & phone calls from collection departments
  • because all the loans you have taken out have different characteristics (different interest rates, different late payment fees, several charges), you don't know how to deal with these in order to become debt free

One of the above signs is simply enough for you to turn to counseling, and find the right business debt management plan for you. The main point of focus is that your business will not shut down, and exactly this is what the debt professionals will work on. Remember, that before you accept working on a plan with an agency, you have to make a thorough research and try to find a well established and trustworthy company, who has already dealt with hundreds of claims successfully.

It is unlikely that you can worry about two things at the same time: the well being of your business on the one hand and getting out of debt on the other. Let professionals handle the issue, and you can continue in the meantime watching your business grow. You need a specifically tailored debt plan for businesses, because here other criteria apply than with the individual debt plans. Businesses take on commercial loans, which usually are being handled differently than a simple unsecured credit card loan for example.

Here are the main aspects of how a business debt management plan will work:

    • a professional consultant will be assigned to you 

    • together, you will draw up your present financial status, in order to see how much you owe and how much is the maximum monthly amount you could afford for repayments 

    • your consultant takes over from here on, and starts contacting your creditors and exposing the reasons why you couldn't continue with the payments 

    • your consultant is the "mediator" key person between you and your creditors 

    • your creditors might agree to the general plan, and you should benefit of certain reductions (like having all of your late payment fees erased, or a lowering in interest rate payments) 

    • the process becomes legally binding starting from the point there is an agreement between you and the creditors; you will show responsible behavior and keep up with the payments as scheduled 

  • it takes no more than 60 months until you can call yourself a debt free personSimple steps for a debt free life, if you commit to each and every provision set by your creditors and by the plan itself. Always keep in mind that bankruptcy is the last solution you should think of: it is more damaging and expensive then going through a good business debt management plan.


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